Beginning again... and again... and again

This is my third.... maybe my fourth attempt at a website /blog/ something.  

Every. single. time I've deleted it. There'd be at least 4 or 5 published blogs, ramblings, photos and more. Delete. Its an easy button to hit. It's much harder to start. It's even harder to keep going. The 3 posts before this one were all taken from an old website. They were written up to 5 years ago. There were others but have since gone into cyberspace black holes.

Isn't it funny how "If only" is still relevant? 

So, i'm putting it out there. No more "if only's" no more "buts" or "what if's". This is my website and I want it to grow with me as I grow older and wiser (maybe) and all my years of musings and ideas are planted here. The content might be a bit haphazard but I know that like a good whiskey these things don't just happen over night and to give it a go, a real go, is better than not.

This is just the beginning.... lets see where we can go x

mich pasmanik