Embracing change.

Who's good at change? Not very many people. I think about change a lot. Everything changes - the seasons, people, our skin, our habits, our knowledge. So why do we not like it? 

I don't like it because for me it often signifies the end of something and if I like how something is going or has been then why does it have to end? 

What I know though for a fact is .... change is the only constant.  Everything changes. Sometime's in a moment. Sometime's slowly over time. But things always change. The older I've gotten the more I know this. The more comfortable I've become with it. Even in an uncomfortable kind of comfortable way. 

I've had over 25 housemates, I've changed jobs and I've moved house. All massive changes. People get married, divorced, have kids, travel and change. Sickness, death and ill health. There's a story of change in all these things and how we adapt to change is likely to be the best way that we cope in life. 

I'd like to be better at accepting change. Even in my own body which as I get older I notice the changes more. Thinning hair, changing body, hangovers are harder to deal with (will I EVER learn!?!) and my way of doing things is firmly set. Adaptation though, I think, is key to living a longer life, to having less stress as I get older.

Now that I'm almost in my mid life (lets assume that I live to be older than 80 though!) I think it's time that I embrace all the changes, that I let go of my fear of the unknown and that despite my reluctance to let go of the familiar. It's time that I do.  




mich pasmanik