Just like riding a bike...

The expression, “Just like Riding a Bike,”  is used to describe something that becomes second nature and we should be able to pick up where we left off, it's easy to do.

Is riding a bike like that if you haven't done so in years? Many would say yes. I didn't think so. I bought my FIRST bike at the start of 2015. I was 36. Did it feel like second nature? Sort of. I wasn't confident. I didn't trust the bike or myself really. I hadn't ridden since I was a kid and back then it was very casually, not exactly being a BMX kid or a hoon in any way! 

Then I fell off my brand new bike a week after I bought it. I was practicing turns in a car park because I had my first triathlon and didn't know how to confidently go round in circles, I clipped a pedal and had one of those slow moving falls. I broke the bone at the bottom of my baby finger and was in plaster for 6 weeks. This meant I missed my first Sprint distance Triathlon. I became even MORE hesitant than I already was and lost more confidence. 

It wasn't just like riding a bike. It was hard. It wasn't even the physical side of things. It was the mental.

I'd already had to learn how to take a water bottle out while moving, how to indicate and in case this sounds obvious, they both mean I had to take a hand off the handlebars which was hard enough in the first place. I'd had to learn to clip in and out using cleats, all the hand signals, riding with other people, being out of my comfort zone and it was overwhelming and didn't feel natural at all. 

However, all this sounds like it was too hard. But it also wasn't. Riding a bike is easy once you know how and you just have to keep doing it to get better at it. So I kept doing it. Maybe not as often as "everyone" else but it was a lot for me that first year. You just have to keep getting on the bike, start pedalling, create habits, find people to ride with and resonate with and you'll soon have a whole bunch of people who support this crazy sport.





mich pasmanik