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Places to eat in Adelaide

This is not the biggest list in the world but it's a start.



I stumbled upon this little bar on my first trip to Adelaide in 2016. There was a storm that had hit Adelaide and many restaurants were either affected by flooding or had lost power. We literally ran in the door soaking wet and kept our fingers crossed that they had power and could feed us. 

And feed us they did. The MOST delicious jaffles with incredible fillings, a huge wine, whiskey and cocktail list and friendly bartenders. 
What more could you ask for?  

Coffee Institute

On our last day in Adelaide we went for a bike path recovery ride after a night of partying and drinking till 2am. Nothing good happens after 2am btw. If the party you are at has gone off and its over, its home time. No point trying to drag it out somewhere else. Life lesson right there!

Anyway, we'd slept in and I woke up hungry. Never good to start a ride hungry. Or hungover. Or both. But we meandered for some time before I got the hangries and threw my bath toys out of the bath. I let my friends ride on and said that they would find me exactly where they left me on the bike path. I spent the next 20 minutes googling breakfast places. 

By luck I found The Coffee Institute. It hit all the spots. The food was delicious, the coffee was good and the service attentive. Bye bye hangries!

Hey Jupiter

If you spend any time in Ebenezer Place - also the home of Treadly bike shop - then Hey Jupiter is the spot for a coffee, breakfast and brunch! Always popular with the cycling crowd this is a gathering point for many rides.