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A little bit of background.

I fell into the Travel industry as a fresh eyed 23 year old. I'd done an Arts/ Science degree which had given me zero direction in a career path and as I was still thoroughly enjoying the life of a 20-something without much care in the world, a career in travel pretty much was the most exciting thing I could think of. I was sold on the idea of cheap travel, unlimited earnings and the prospect of a global company.

On the same day I got offered a job with Flight Centre, I was also offered a job with an IT company. I wrote a list of pro's and cons and threw the pro's list for IT out the window and started at Flight Centre the next week. Sliding doors moment right there. Sometimes I do wonder what would have happened if i'd taken that IT job.

I spent 10 years with Flight Centre Limited, 7 years with Flight Centre brand, 3 years with Travel Associates. The best, hardest, longest, funnest, most challenging years of my life. To say I learnt a lot is an understatement. I then spent 3 years with a high end leisure agency and learnt even more. 

15 years later, I've done more travelling than most. I hardly ever said no to a trip and if I did there was usually a very good reason. I've travelled to every continent except Antarctica. The question of where is your favorite place is hard to answer and I have to break it down by country, city, experience, eye opening and other categories that give a list of my top 5 or so. 

Then I got burnt out. Tired. It wasn't inspiring anymore. I wasn't doing a good job. I was frustrated by the technology that I was using, the limitations of 9 - 5 and I was restless again. I had to make a choice. I also thought if I didn't make a change then i'll never make a change. No-one really likes change, there is comfort in what you know and the unknown scared me. There were new skills I needed to learn, I needed to know how my skills related to other industries. I sought out a career counselor, I became an Uber driver, I did adhoc jobs and then found something more permanent. It lasted a year because of the organisation and maybe also because of my passion being elsewhere.

6 months later I found my way back to travel. The truth is, I missed having access to knowing what flights were available. I didn't want to book flights on the internet or have to call a friend to make a booking for me. I wanted to be in charge and in control of my flights and access to opportunities to travel. 

2016 was the only year in nearly 13 years that I didn't go overseas. First world problem right? That makes me sound like such a princess, but that's the travel industry. There is ALWAYS an opportunity to get on a plane.

I now mix my days with being a Legal PA and booking travel. The mix is interesting and varied.

Michadventures will grow, as will these pages  x