To do lists

Do you write lists? I'm a massive list writer, a notebook hoarder and most times, if it's not written down then there's a good chance i'll forget it. I always remember what I've written down and so there are scribbles and lists and notes in books everywhere.

This is a handy skill to have if your primary interest is in making sure that everything gets done. My mum does it too. I grew up waking up to lists and notes so maybe its genetic :) 

Writing lists goes hand in hand with planning and logistics. You need to get somewhere by X date and time so one has to work backwards to make that happen. We write lists of where we want to go, what to pack, restaurants to eat at, museums and sights to see. The lists go on.

I wonder if anyone when they are a kid says "well i'm good at writing lists" so that will be good in this career. No-one does that... or do they?

Being a travel agent wasn't something that I intended.... maybe it happened because I wrote a list and this list sounded better than another list?

In any case, my love of lists is what has gotten me here, it keeps me organised and grounded and productive.