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I've been a traveler since I was 2 years old and fell into a career in Travel nearly 21 years later. With 15 years experience as a Travel Designer I've sent people to every continent translating to hundreds of countries. Being able to help you create your dream trip, offer you planning advice to fit any budget and guide you through the online maze of websites that can be overwhelming with information overload is something that I love to do. 

Born and bred in Melbourne Australia, exploring Melbourne's streets and lane ways which are thriving hubs of art, culture, food and music, getting out into the stunning countryside which are full of lively markets, local produce and finding myself lost on our world famous beaches along rugged coastlines that hug our country, Melbourne is the place I call home.

I have traveled to over 25 countries and am constantly looking to add more to the list. Navigating an airport, diving into a new city to discover its secrets, exploring areas less traveled, going off the beaten track and staying away from the norm is the style of travel I'm attracted to the more I travel. I haven't been everywhere.... but I can guarantee that I know how to help you have an amazing trip.

Based on 15 years of experience you will find travel advice, experiences and industry secrets for you on these pages.

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G Adventures Australia

One of my favorite adventure companies is G-Adventures. My reason for this is that they look after their people, they are steadfast adventurers and they value thinking outside the box. My friends who work for them are inspired, positive and happy people. The CEO isn't a cookie cutter kind of guy. I've heard him speak, I've traveled with them and I genuinely think that they have some incredible tours all over the world. They also work with incredible companies like National Geographic and cater for ALL people to travel the world.